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Are you new in the cryptocurrency world? You believe that blockchain technology is going to dominate all areas in the future and you have discovered the potential of crypto to make money. But you are also aware of the numerous scams that surround this world and you don’t know how to start in a safe way?

I am a successful crypto investor and trader with 5 years of experience. To be honest I started losing money in scams and trading with bad strategies. The positive part of this is that I learned what not to do with first investments.

I can’t go back in time to give myself advise but I can help others to get it right and guide them to earn money from the first moment.

Don’t waste your money buying complicated courses that you won’t understand. What you need is a 1on1 mentoring with someone that “speaks your own language” and gives you the appropriate advise in each moment.

It is a bit complicated to get registered in some exchanges, as I live in a different country than my ID shows. Aitor guide me step by step and told me which documents I needed. With his help I could complete the process.

Rodrigo S.

I have paid for different crypto courses. I received high quality lessons, but I couldn’t understand well what I was doing. Aitor explains you everything in a very understandable language. I felt as if a good friend of mine was showing me this world.

Anastasiia K.

I have some experience trading with cryptocurrencies, but I couldn’t understand very well some concepts. Aitor made me understand everything. And the most important thing: he is honest. If he doesn’t know something he tells you.

Moussa B.

I’m new in this business and I was afraid of falling in a Scam. Aitor gave me the most important info for starting investing my money without putting it in risk. Now I continue buying more classes to improve my skills.

Alina K.